The Introduction

Below you will find prompt for an English journal you will be responsible for keeping over the course of this semester.  

Entries in your journal will fall, very broadly, into two separate categories: metacognitive & analytical.  

Metacognition is just a fancy-sounding word that means 'thinking about thinking,' or 'learning about learning' - it's about developing an awareness and understanding of one's thought process.  So metacognitive entries will be geared towards facilitating just such an awareness.

The analytical entries will be more... traditional.  Typically you'll be asked to examine a text (or an idea from a text) that we're currently reading.

These journal entries should typically be multiple paragraph informal essay-style responses; they can be conversational in tone, but above all they should possess some depth.

And needless to say (hopefully?), this is an individual assignment.

Throughout the semester your journals will be collected at random, in batches, and will ultimately be counted as a major grade. Keep up with it and it'll be the easiest 100 you've ever got.

The Prompts


For this entry I'd like for you to discuss your perspective on/experience with learning - consider, among other things: 

  • How do you feel you learn best? 
  • Over the course of a typical school day, when do you feel like you're actually learning?
  • What distinction is there to be made between being schooled and being educated?