SECOND PERIOD: Macbeth Mashed Up

Ah, 1991. 

None of you are born, a young Chris Stapleton is dissecting sea cucumbers in 7th grade biology, and The Geto Boys (Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill), a rap group from out of Houston, are tearing it up.

Their most famous song, “My Mind’s Playing Tricks on Me,” contains some amazing thematic similarities to Macbeth – below you’ll find a mash up of the two masterpieces. Someone took Polanski’s film version of Macbeth and used it to make a music video of sorts for “Tricks.”

Take any specific aspect of the following video and comment on the thematic overlap between the song and the play.  You could focus on: the consequences of acting against one's conscience; the corrosive effects of paranoia; the psychological toll of guilt, and how guilt can impact relationships; the emptiness of pursuing power disconnected from a higher purpose.  


There's much else to be said - I'm only scratching the surface here.  Make sure that your comments make specific textual reference to the play and to the song.


And as always, you are encouraged to respectfully engage one another, commenting on one another's comments.