FIRST PERIOD: Hamlet in prison discussion thread

This American Life is a long-running hour-long radio show on NPR produced by Chicago Public Radio and hosted by Ira Glass.  This American Life could probably best be categorized as a journalistic non-fiction program featuring, among other things, essays, memoirs field records, and found audio.

Below is a link to an episode where the entire show is to devoted to one story: Over the course of six months, reporter Jack Hitt followed a group of inmates at a high-security prison as they rehearsed and staged a production of the last act—Act V—of Hamlet.

Listen to the program – it’s under an hour long – and explain how it affected your understanding of Hamlet.  You can also discuss what, if any, questions it raised for you about the play.

A link to the episode's website.

And... here's a link to the Hamlet paper assignment.