Big Project Options (1st and 2nd period both post below)

Hey guys.  I'm currently working on one of the last big group projects you'll be working on this semester.  

I've got two separate ideas that represent us going down two distinct paths - as I was sitting here trying to figure out which option you might find more interesting/engaging, it occurred to me that I should just ask.  So here is an overview of choices:

a) Would you like to do something that focuses on an emergent contemporary controversial issue (you would get to choose). This would be more based on national/global current events.

b) Or would you prefer to do something where you'd investigate a specific way you feel high school education must change.  You'd focus on a specific issue - the ridiculously early start time, standardized testing, the lack of relevance in the curriculum, whatever - and work on a project that combines both your direct experience and outside research.

Option one would give you a broader array of topics to choose from (which could be good or bad).  Option two would be more focused, but would be an opportunity to reflect on the last four years, to think of ways you might've been let down (or left frustrated), and to possibly effect some sort of change at the local level.

I'm going to finalize this project outline by tomorrow afternoon.  Posting below isn't an assignment, you won't be penalized if you don't do it.  I want to give you some say in how you spend a big chunk of the next month and a half (in English IV, at least).