Turnitin.com feedback.

Hey guys.  The school is currently deciding whether or not we'll extend our subscription to turnitin.com.  For my part, I feel like I'm able to go through papers more efficiently and I feel like I'm able to provide more substantive feedback.  (It might not seem like I'm being efficient; I have no excuse except for the a five-month-old baby who demands my constant attention).  Plus, it seems like it'd be valuable for students to have all their high school papers saved in one referable place over the course of three years. 

But what about you?  What do you like? What do you dislike?

As I said, providing this feedback isn't mandatory; you'd simply be doing me a solid.

Feel free to post anonymously; I'm just looking for candid perspectives.  

(If nothing else, check out how I just used a semi-colon correctly - twice!)