FIRST PERIOD: Growing Up Digital Discussion Thread

The article "Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction," discusses the role of technology in the lives of young people, and the role of technology in public education (and a variety of disconnects within those relationships).  As you read this article, there should be points and opinions that you find valid, compelling, or that you generally agree with, and then there should be some points that you find spurious, dubious, or implausible.

In the discussion thread below, you are to do two things:

  • Post some some sort of reaction to some specific (there's that word again) aspect of the article
  • Respond to one of your peers' comments.

You are engaging in a discussion, an argument, with the author of this article, with me, and with your peers - your assertions should be written accordingly (we're talking multiple sentences).  Be forceful. Be logical. Be respectful - none of that "I feel," "In my opinion," wishy-washy nonsense.