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Complete Journal Entry #3

Okay.  Two accomplishments this week worth mentioning: #1 you wrote your first timed writing for this class - is no easy feat - and #2, you've performed your first rhetorical analysis of a text ostensibly chosen at random.  So for this journal entry, briefly reflect on the experience - what did you learn?  

  • Was there any aspect that was more challenging than you thought it'd be?  
  • Did you find something surprisingly easy?
  • What did you get right about the process?  
  • How do you plan on improving the next time?
  • How can you take the various rhetorical strategies you're analyzing and implement them in your own writing, making you a stronger writer (because really, that's the point)?
  • What questions do you have for me?

Don't feel as though you have to address all of the questions above, or address them in equal measure.