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Complete Journal Entry #1.5

Consider the various nature essays and excerpts we've examined recently (“Save the Whales, Screw the Shrimp,” “The End of Nature,” Walden, Emerson's "Nature") as distinct examples of persuasive rhetoric.  Which do you think is the most effective?  Why? (note: yeah, you should discuss with is better in a general sense, but more specifically this question is asking you to examine which text best achieves its intended effect - whatever you deem that to be.)

  • For this entry you'll have to discuss, to varying degrees, each text's main idea (their theses), and you'll have to provide direct quotes from each.  Naturally, you'll be focusing more so on one more so than the others.
Earlier Event: October 5
FINAL Rhetorical Analysis (in-class)
Later Event: October 9
Have your non-fiction text in class!